There’s nothing more Canggu than Nasi Campur.. AMIRIGHT?!?! Well, kinda. If there’s anything more iconic than a post-surf nasi fix in the Gu, its a vegan one. And Vinny’s Warung is where it all began.

If you haven’t tried Nasi Campur, then did you really even “Canggu”? The staple food of locals, hungry surfers and budget backpackers, Nasi Campur literally translates to “mixed rice”, but also usually means MSG additives, palm oil everything and way-too-sugary iced tea. Eww. Gone are the days where a post-surf feed means scoffing down soggy, deep fried fritters and mopping up greasy nasi goreng. Canggu hipster culture meets traditional Indonesian cuisine in this delicious clash of everything that makes up life in the Gu.. that’s Vinny’s Warung.

Are you vegan/gluten-free/dairy-free/organic and feeling that Nasi Campur FOMO? Vinny has got you. Fusing a love for Indonesian cuisine, born from 14 years living on the island, with a new-school healthy hipster vibe – Vinny is importing her knowledge having worked in LA’s pumping vegan foodie scene, to bring you Canggu’s first all-organic, all-vegan warung.

Vinny’s Warung dishes up health conscious Nasi Campur with vegan meat alternatives, without any added nasties and serves them alongside house made juices, jamus, and naturally flavoured lemonades – all without using any refined sugars. And you’d never know the difference.

Open from the early AM to the late PM, Vinny’s also serves some seriously delish vegan-versions of your Indo faves, alongside some a la carte brekkie, lunch & dinner mains. The extensive menu and daily rotation of the Nasi Campur window means you’ll never get bored of the same-old same-old (like you might at your average Warung).

Totally in touch with the Canggu vibe, Vinny’s is all-for digital nomad-ing, so pull up a laptop and hang out for a marathon food & drink session that won’t rob you of your rupiahs. Start your day with a piping hot almond milk coffee, and a gluten-free almond butter & banana toast (yum!), enjoy a colourful Nasi Campur lunch made from Organic heritage rice, choose a Vinny’s vegan ice cream for a mid afternoon pick me up, and try the tahu tempe fritters for dinner. Don’t leave without sharing a Dessert Platter for Two, featuring the famous sweet potato brownies.

It’s cruelty-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and about to become your errryday fave (psst! you’ll find it on Go-JEK too!). 

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