If you’re new to Canggu you’ll most likely have gotten your Belig’s, Bolong’s and Berawa’s all mixed up. The streets of Canggu are laid out more like muddled Sydney than our calculated and easy to navigate hometown of Melbourne, which makes shopping in Canggu somewhat of a headache. We have done the leg work for you and have had to learn the hard way that not all things make sense in the Gu. 

But never fear, as an intelligent species, we human’s can identify our location via landmarks. And whilst the landscape of Canggu is changing by the hour, for a girl (and especially one on holiday), those landmarks are usually good looking boutiques we make a mental note to go back to as we zoom past on our scooter.  

And that’s what we’ve done for you. We went back to all the places we said we would, all those times we drove past, in order to bring you a list of the best Melbourne girl boutiques in the Gu, so you can spend less time browsing and more time on the beach in your new bikini.  

The Melbourne Girls’ Guide to Shopping in Canggu


Jl. Batu Belig No 17c, Canggu 

A Melbourne girl herself, the designer of Sancerre has created the perfect Bali wardrobe reflective of worldwide travel and the Gypsy life. If you like to think you’re a little bit boho then be sure to visit for beautiful soft woven fabrics in an array of colours and prints. It’s all designed and made here in Bali and will be sure to leave you wanderlust.  

TwentyOne Degrees

Jl. Batu Bolong, Canggu

The Zimmerman of Canggu, you’ll find soft pastels of pink and indigo in beautifully patterned swimsuits, kaftans, dresses and to our surprise a selection of yoga wear. Also offering a small selection of local homewares and jewelry, pop in here if your go to outfit is your activewear… You’ll be leaving with the whole store on your back.


Jl. Batu Bolong No.68, Canggu

A mixed bag of offerings, there’s so much cool stuff in here that you’re sure to miss something. Or maybe that’s because you’re 5 margarita’s deep at Lacalita next door and decide you need a new pair of sunnies. Or maybe that’s just us… In any case, you’ll go looking for a dress and leave with a cushion, or a hangover…  

 Maison Blonde

Jl. Batu Bolong No 96, Canggu

One for the Witchery and Country Road fans without the stress of seeing someone else walking down the street in the same top. Everything in here is gorgeous… and white. So it may be best to leave these beautiful pieces in your suitcase unless you have a realllly trusty laundry here in the Gu. They also have the most elegant refined gem stone jewelry, another shop you’ll leave with an empty bank account.  

 Suen Noaj

Jl. Batu Bolong, Canggu

General Pants anyone? This place is a one stop shop for all your men and women’s casual street surf wear. You can pick up boardies, bathers and accessories, anything you need for the beach. If you need a new party shirt for Sunday night at Old Man’s with the hope of leaving it behind at Sandbar later, this is the place to go.  


Jl. Batu Bolong, Canggu

A rare break from the kaftans and crochet, Shakuhachi’s arrival in the Gu is very welcome. Aussie girls have loved this label for years and we’re certainly pleased to have it at our fingertips. If you came here with ambitions of getting the perfect dress made for a wedding and have been left less than impressed, Shakuhachi is the place to go. But be warned, your 5 best friends might also be wearing the same one… 

 GAIA House of Shades 

Jl. Batu Bolong No.1, Canggu

Have you got cataracts from your fake Ray Bans? Head to GAIA for your next pair of shades. They seriously are a sunglasses mecca. Featuring brands such as Le Specs, Mink Pink, House of Holland, Karen Walker and Ksubi, you’ll be sure to find something to suit. We’ve been on the hunt for great sunnies, most places are good from far, far from good so take our advice and make this your first stop.  


Jl. Batu Bolong No 77, Canggu

Have you scrolled through Instagram for hours looking for the perfect bikini? Get off your phone and on your bike and head to Wanderlust. This is a bikini haven! For the girl with the booty and no boobies, or the boobies but no booty, fear not you can mix and match. We’re happy to see them stock the OG of neoprene bikini’s made in Bali, N.L.P and a lovely range of linen dresses.  


Jl. Batu Bolong, Canggu

What’s not to love about One Love? If you have perused Melbourne’s laneways for vintage and alternative apparel, you will fall for One Love just as we have. With a blend of old and new pieces, it’s part Op Shop, part Retro Store and part fashion boutique stocking all the Bali labels you love. If you’re heading back home for festival season, get your wardrobes sorted here.  

 The Offering 

Jl. Batu Bolong No.14, Canggu

Offering you a little bit of everything this unique boutique stocks local and international brands which we come across in many other Bali boutiques. You can pick up anything from swimwear to skincare, yoga wear and a heavenly selection of fine Monsieur Blonde jewelry. We are totally crushing on all the pompom embellishments in store.  

 Erika Pena 

Jl Padang Linjong No. 38, Canggu

Tucked away in a quiet corner of the Gu, Erika Pena’s store is worth the short trip. Her luxurious styles emulate that of resort wear in Seminyak or Miami, with beautiful jewellery to match any outfit, the fine jewellery is oh so fine! You won’t be able to walk out of the store without a new pair of her wrap sandals on your feet. Make the special visit as you won’t find this stocked anywhere else in Bali!

Moon Rocks 

Jl. Pura Batu Mejan, Canggu

Lose your t shirt at Sandbar? Boardies mysteriously go missing from your homestay clothesline? Hat fly off your head on your scooter coz you weren’t wearing a helmet? Moon Rocks Echo Beach will help you out, even down to your surfboard.  

Ivy Bali

Jl. Pura Batu Mejan, Canggu

Think Ivy is just for homewares? Think again! This tiny Echo Beach boutique has the best selection of soft black, brown and tan leather outside the Bali Tailor! With the cutest metallic, leather and cowhide sandals you can say goodbye to your scuffed havvies. And leave with a present for mum from the awesome selection of trinkets and unique homewares.  

 Edith’s Closet

Jl. Pantai Berawa No.13, Canggu

This hidden gem on Berawa is a vintage paradise. And making it even better, most things are under 150k! If you’re like us and you love a bargain, or to not be seen in the same outfit as the next girl at Milk and Madhu, head here for some awesome one-off’s. And if you’re lucky enough to live here, deck out your kitchen in the cute crockery and homewares on offer.  

We hope this helps you navigate the streets of the Gu and curbs your retail therapy cravings whether you’ve blown in or are lucky enough to live here. We’ve mastered the art of 20k bungkus so we can head down Batu Bolong when we’re standing in front of our full wardrobe with nothing to wear. Somethings gotta give when you’re living on a budget and it’s not our wardrobe!  

H & L xx

About Laura and Hayley

Hey – we are Hayley and Laura! We’re best gal pals who recently coerced one another to quit our full-time corporate lives for a sea change. We’ve been in the Gu for here months and like most who make the jump here, we haven’t looked back. Apart from being robbed, falling off a scooters in to cow poo and nursing 3 days hangovers, we finally feel like we’ve got our shit together! We’ve mastered getting across Gang Mango and the Canggu Shortcut, avoided a drop in on the Pretty Poison skate bowl, drunk and head first (can’t say we have avoided Sand Bar at 4AM – yes, we’ve seen you there too) and we’ve now got iron stomachs after a few bouts of Bali belly so we can finally eat what we’ve never dared to before. Yes, the salty life is treating us just fine. We came here like many others to manufacture some clothing (don’t worry, it’s not swimwear) yet we’ve been distracted by eating and drinking our way through the smorgasbord of warungs, bungkus, cafes and fine dining establishments. You can find us helping out on the Gu Guide, bringing you our Melbourne perspective of eating, drinking, dining, shopping, sunsetting, gymming, tanning and laundrying all over Canggu .