Tugu Hotel Lombok – The Art, Soul & Romance of Indonesia

Bali life got you down? Driven mad by the machet machet? Not even your weekly massage can remove that tension you’re carrying in your shoulders? Girl, I got you.

What if I told you there’s a magical place only a few hours travel away, a place that’s all sunrise breakfasts upon wooden boats, sunset walks on the coral lined beach and moonlit massages.

Grab your overnight bag, pack your sayang and sneak away from the kids, the deadlines, the traffic and the madness that can be (is) life in Bali.

You see, this is what I truly fell in love with about Tugu Lombok. It was a world away, but not so far that your real world would crumble apart without you. Leave the laptop at home (trust me on this), find a sitter for the kids, press snooze on a few meetings and run away to be romanced by all that is Lombok, and the Tugu hospitality. It’s going to be ok, I promise.

I wouldn’t exactly call myself the typically romantic type, and yet somehow I got wholeheartedly consumed by the pheromones of the Tugu Lombok experience.

I was gaga for the gourmet room delivery – a culinary journey across the Indonesian archipelago – to be consumed in a robe, from your king size four poster bed.

I was straight-up lovestruck by our spectacular ocean front suite – Puri Dadap Merah is a 120sqm suite based on the architecture of an ancient temple, with a private rooftop for the most romantic dinner under the moonlight, surrounded by the Dadap Merah trees. The plunge pool, shaped as the Red Dadap petal, fronts the ocean and spacious green lawn, creating a peaceful, airy and relaxing ambiance.

Tugu Lombok offer a choice of nine suites, villas or bungalows – if you are in the mood for love, the Puri Dadap Merah is the setting for you. I was told by our enthusiastic concierge that the bed itself was overlooked by the god of fertility – uh, no pressure! 😉

When Hubby and I weren’t bathing in our couple-sized copper tub with monsoon shower head, or being massaged head to toe from our private incorporated spa suite – you’d find us waltzing along the shoreline at golden hour, being serenaded by the sound of the ocean rattling the coral as the waves washed in and out. Besotted by the sight of the sun setting – a magenta ball dipping into the horizon, enjoyed from the aspect of the low-lying swing upon the sand.

This really was a love affair like no other.

Wake to a spectacular sunrise enjoyed from the hotel’s privately chartered “Dragon Boat” a breathtaking breakfast experience unlike any other. Your hot coffee is butler poured, and accompanied by a bakers basket of fresh warm pastries, artfully constructed tropical fruit platters and freshly squeezed juices. The hour trip allows you to see beautiful panoramic views of Sire beach and the mountain ranges.

Hotel Tugu Lombok is located on miles of pristine virgin white sand beach of Sire, on the northwest coast of the island, 15 minutes boat ride across the Gili islands and framed by the majestic sunrise over Mount Rinjani.

Tugu in the Indonesian language, means ‘monument’, and Tugu properties are monuments of art, history, and culture of Indonesia. In bringing back to life the ancient Hindu times in Lombok before the occupation of the Dutch and the Balinese, Hotel Tugu Lombok surrounds itself with chapters from the romantic epic of the Mahabharata. The hotel features hundreds of beautiful artworks and ancient buildings collected and rebuilt as a loving testament to the long forgotten culture of Lombok.

This soulful Indonesian experience staying at Tugu Lombok is achieved not only through its artful & luxurious Indonesian design & architecture but also from the numerous cultural experiences that guests can have. Try your hand at a Traditional Lombok Cooking Class or Jamu herbal drink class, trek to the famous waterfalls of Lombok or even take a guided old city tour – covering some destinations in West Lombok such as Mayura, Bale Kambang (the royal floating palace of the former Balinese kingdom which was built in 1714).

Our two night, three day stay came to a stunning end with a final day tour tripping over to the Gili Islands for a privately guided snorkeling tour. A mere 20-minute ride onboard Tugu Lombok’s private boat, you visit the three small, coral-fringed islands – Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan – each with superb clear water, coral reefs and brilliantly coloured fish.

The absolute highlight of our Tugu Lombok visit, we were escorted to expertly selected locations and swam gently above large sea turtles, frolicking in their pristine natural environment.

Unforgettable.. Tugu Hotel Lombok.. that’s what you are..



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